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Rank    Series Status Latest
100    Fly Me With Your Song Ongoing Vol.1
100    I Wake Up With Your Kiss Completed Vol.0
100    May I Be In Love With You Ongoing Vol.1
100    Dancing With Love Completed Vol.0
100    Bento With Love Completed Vol.0
100    Be With My First Love Ongoing Vol.1
100    Fall In Love With Lucky Devil Completed Vol.0
100    In Love With You (Terbit Ulang) Ongoing Vol.3
100    Be Careful With Kamlki Brothers ! Ongoing Vol.1
183    Devil With Flower Ongoing Vol.10
348    Fall In Love With You Ongoing Vol.2
502    With You The First Time Completed Vol.0
542    With Ongoing Vol.4
571    Sky Without Tomorrow Ongoing Vol.3
579    With You Completed Vol.0
592    I Lied With A Kiss Completed Vol.2
621    With My Brothers Completed Vol.11
638    Delicious Days With Martha Ongoing Vol.9
709    From Here With You Completed Vol.0
790    Happy With You Completed Vol.0
817    Fall in Love With A Bad Boy Completed Vol.0
865    Love Story with You Completed Vol.0
884    After School With Prince Completed Vol.0
1026    Wicked - Dance With Us Ongoing Vol.3
1148    With You Only Completed Vol.0
1282    JAM - Play The Music With Love Ongoing Vol.3
1288    Walking With You Completed Vol.0
1533    Lonely Without You Completed Vol.3
1663    Loco Moco Cant Stop Falling In Love With You Ongoing Vol.2
1782    Duet With The Devil Completed Vol.0
1916    Walk With Me Ongoing Vol.3