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Rank    Series Status Latest
100    Kindaichi Case File Pembunuhan di Rumah Game Completed Vol.0
100    Kindaichi Special Case Alchemy Murder Case Ongoing Vol.2
100    The Secret case Of S.H Ongoing Vol.2
206    Kindaichi Spec Case - Pembunuhan Oleh Inspektur Kenmochi Completed Vol.2
305    Buried Cases Diablo Ongoing Vol.3
333    Kindaichi Spec Case - Black Magic Murder Completed Vol.1
352    Kindaichi Spec Case - Phantom of Opera Completed Vol.2
370    Kyoko Karasumas Case Files Ongoing Vol.10
442    Bistro Pas Mal Case File Ongoing Vol.2
460    Kindaichi Case File - Pembunuhan Festival SMU Fudo Completed Vol.0
984    Kindaichi Spec Case - Legendary Vampire Completed Vol.0