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Rank    Series Status Latest
57    Long Hu Men - The Vengeance Continues Ongoing Vol.25
77    Dewa Iblis Awan Api II Ongoing Vol.17
100    Legend of Emperor Vlll Chang Tian Ba Ongoing Vol.0
100    The Heroic Story Of Wen Tian Ongoing Vol.4
100    The Tiger Wong Chronicle : Dong Fang Zhen Long Ongoing Vol.6
100    Shi Heilong lll Ongoing Vol.5
109    Long Hu Men - Next Battle Ongoing Vol.19
293    Shi Heilong Ongoing Vol.9
481    Magical Weapons Genesis Ongoing Vol.19
486    Amazing Weapon - The Lost Blade Completed Vol.12
722    Magic Weapons Genesis Ongoing Vol.2
876    The Story of Wang Feng Lei II Ongoing Vol.8
915    Pedang Mahadewa - Future Ongoing Vol.7
1027    The Lady Of The Lake Mirror Completed Vol.0
1158    Legend Of The White Haired Demon Completed Vol.0
1527    The Story of Wang Feng Lei Completed Vol.10
1647    Long Hu Men Completed Vol.0
1674    Shi Heilong II Ongoing Vol.12
1770    The Story of Wang Xiou Long Ongoing Vol.3
1792    Legend of Emperor VIII - Cang Tian Ba Huang Ongoing Vol.5