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Rank    Series Status Latest
3    Death Note Completed Vol.12
5    Tokyo Ghoul Ongoing Vol.3
6    Attack On Titan Ongoing Vol.18
16    Hunter X Hunter Ongoing Vol.31
20    Beelzebub Ongoing Vol.28
38    One Punch Man Ongoing Vol.6
41    Kekkaishi Ongoing Vol.35
47    Fate/Stay Night Ongoing Vol.0
54    Alice in Borderland Ongoing Vol.18
55    Airgear Completed Vol.37
56    Soul Eater Ongoing Vol.25
58    My Secret Life Completed Vol.6
60    Saint Seiya Lost Canvas Ongoing Vol.25
62    Deadman Wonderland Ongoing Vol.13
73    Code Breaker Ongoing Vol.26
78    Long Hu Men - The Vengeance Continues Ongoing Vol.25
79    Demonic Detective Neuro Ongoing Vol.23
81    The World God Only Knows Ongoing Vol.26
86    Resident Evil Ongoing Vol.5
89    Shibatora Ongoing Vol.15
90    Natsume Yujincho Ongoing Vol.18
93    Arata Ongoing Vol.20
97    Ghost Doctor Ongoing Vol.15
102    Noragami Ongoing Vol.15
107    Saint Seiya Episode G Ongoing Vol.20
109    'Til Become Dust Completed Vol.0
111    XXX Holic Ongoing Vol.19
118    07 Ghosts Ongoing Vol.17
122    Vampire Knight Ongoing Vol.19
124    BTOOM! Ongoing Vol.11
125    Chibi Fairy! Ongoing Vol.11
128    Letter Bee Ongoing Vol.20
130    Dewa Iblis Awan Api II Ongoing Vol.17
138    Full Metal Alchemist Ongoing Vol.27
139    Pandora Hearts Ongoing Vol.24
142    A Chef of Nobunaga Ongoing Vol.11
143    The Future Diary Ongoing Vol.12
151    Guilty Crown Ongoing Vol.0
158    Long Hu Men - Next Battle Ongoing Vol.19
160    Yozakura Quartet Ongoing Vol.12