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Rank    Series Status Latest
13    Giant Killing Ongoing Vol.37
24    New Black Swindler Ongoing Vol.18
28    Bambino Secondo Completed Vol.13
34    I Am A Hero Ongoing Vol.18
35    Lost Man Ongoing Vol.17
45    Team Medical Dragon Completed Vol.25
50    Bambino Completed Vol.15
60    XXX Holic Ongoing Vol.19
61    Ouroboros Ongoing Vol.19
63    The Breaker Completed Vol.10
83    Drops of God Ongoing Vol.36
86    Barista Ongoing Vol.9
88    Real Ongoing Vol.13
91    Brave Story Ongoing Vol.20
97    Black Rock Shooter Ongoing Vol.0
98    Dr. Koto Ongoing Vol.25
100    BTOOM! Ongoing Vol.11
100    The Dog Club Ongoing Vol.3
100    Montage Ongoing Vol.14
100    Nurse Aoi Those Days Ongoing Vol.2
100    Nurse Aoi Those Days Ongoing Vol.0
100    Pak Guru Nyanpachi! Ongoing Vol.2
100    Green Blood Ongoing Vol.5
100    Dangu Ongoing Vol.8
100    Melancholic Completed Vol.0
100    Madoka magica A Different Story Completed Vol.3
100    Aldnoah Zerko Ongoing Vol.4
100    I'm Sakamoto, You Know? Ongoing Vol.3
100    Maruhan The Mercenary Ongoing Vol.12
100    The Desert's Lion Completed Vol.0
100    To You Of Earth Born Completed Vol.0
100    The Heroic Legend Of Arslan Ongoing Vol.4
100    The Phantom Tower Ongoing Vol.7
100    Kariage Kun (Terbit Ulang) Ongoing Vol.35
100    Kings Detective Note Ongoing Vol.4
100    Kings Viking Ongoing Vol.5
100    Border Ongoing Vol.4
100    Bonnouji 1 Ongoing Vol.3
100    Girls & Panzer Little Army Ongoing Vol.2
100    One Punch Man Ongoing Vol.6