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Rank    Series Status Latest
9    Sword Art Online Completed Vol.0
10    Slam Dunk Deluxe Ongoing Vol.24
16    Kekkaishi Ongoing Vol.35
17    Bakuman Ongoing Vol.18
19    Skip Beat Ongoing Vol.35
21    Electric Daisy Ongoing Vol.16
30    Angel Voice Ongoing Vol.23
44    School Rumble Completed Vol.22
46    Code Breaker Ongoing Vol.26
47    A Town Where You Live Ongoing Vol.24
48    Hai Miiko Ongoing Vol.28
51    Highschool Of The Dead Ongoing Vol.7
52    Over Drive Ongoing Vol.17
53    Ghost Doctor Ongoing Vol.15
55    Utsuho Ongoing Vol.23
56    My Sweet Kaicho Ongoing Vol.18
59    Namida Usagi-Tears of First Love- Completed Vol.10
63    The Breaker Completed Vol.10
66    Cage Of Eden Ongoing Vol.17
67    Love Button Ongoing Vol.12
69    GTO The Early Years Ongoing Vol.15
71    New Legenda Naga Ongoing Vol.14
72    KimiI Ni Todoke: From Me To You Ongoing Vol.22
73    Becoming A Star Ongoing Vol.13
74    Vampire Knight Ongoing Vol.19
84    The Future Diary Ongoing Vol.12
85    Pandora Hearts Ongoing Vol.24
87    Hana-Kun, The One I Love Ongoing Vol.10
89    Twinkle Stars Ongoing Vol.11
90    The World God Only Knows Ongoing Vol.26
92    Arata Ongoing Vol.20
94    Topeng Kaca Deluxe Ongoing Vol.26
96    The Flower And The Beast Ongoing Vol.10
99    Baby Steps Ongoing Vol.20
100    BTOOM! Ongoing Vol.11
100    The Two side Trip Broken Heart Days Ongoing Vol.0
100    The Last Notes Ongoing Vol.3
100    I Would Rather Fall in Love Ongoing Vol.2
100    Summer Snow Rendezvous Ongoing Vol.4
100    When Your Love Saves Me Completed Vol.0