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Rank    Series Status Latest
1767    Great Detective Kiyoshiro Yumemizu Ongoing Vol.9
1777    Secret Ongoing Vol.0
1798    Doubt Completed Vol.4
1841    Blank Slate Completed Vol.2
1850    Hanalala Ongoing Vol.55
1916    Global Garden Completed Vol.8
1922    Spiral The Bonds of Reason Ongoing Vol.15
1928    Arsene Lupin Ongoing Vol.5
1954    Detektif Conan Super Digest Book 60 Plus Completed Vol.0
1960    Chocolate Magic Premium Collection Completed Vol.0
1967    Fugitive Lawyer Makoto Narita Ongoing Vol.6
1983    Descendant of Darkness Ongoing Vol.12
2021    Ariadne At Midnight Completed Vol.0
2030    Kiruto Completed Vol.2
2101    Imaginary Beast Completed Vol.14
2109    Reborn Kumiho Ongoing Vol.21
2110    Detektif Conan Super Digest Book 60 Plus Completed Vol.0
2118    Welcome To Host Detective Agency Ongoing Vol.5
2120    20th Century Boys Completed Vol.0
2125    Ghost Mum Investigator Ongoing Vol.3
2130    Life Existence Completed Vol.3
2183    Full House Kiss Completed Vol.0
2195    Seer The Genchildren Completed Vol.2
2208    Ultraman Ongoing Vol.0
2217    Arago Ongoing Vol.0
2232    Vampire of The East Ongoing Vol.8
2248    Rocket Man Completed Vol.10
2252    The Fifth Columnist Ongoing Vol.2
2255    Karneval Ongoing Vol.6
2275    Fruits Basket Completed Vol.23
2276    Chocolate Magic Love Flake Completed Vol.0
2277    Devil Survivor Ongoing Vol.0
2306    Speed Completed Vol.4
2311    Bond Completed Vol.0
2334    Kindaichi Spec Case - Legendary Vampire Completed Vol.0
2362    Out Code Completed Vol.3
2370    White Paper Ark Completed Vol.7
2402    Blindfold City Ongoing Vol.0
2413    Detektif Conan Animasi TV Ongoing Vol.25
2458    The Puppet Master Lin Ongoing Vol.8