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Rank    Series Status Latest
299    D.N.Angel Ongoing Vol.15
313    Kindaichi Spec Case - Pembunuhan Oleh Inspektur Kenmochi Completed Vol.2
326    Seraph Of the End Ongoing Vol.8
331    Drug-On Completed Vol.5
346    Kindaichi Special Case Alchemy Murder Case Ongoing Vol.2
352    Moment By Moment Ongoing Vol.8
359    The New Fugitive Lawyer Makoto Narita Ongoing Vol.5
363    Detektif Conan Romantic Selection Completed Vol.0
367    T.R.A.P Ongoing Vol.6
378    Claymore Ongoing Vol.23
387    Dog Detective Sherdock Ongoing Vol.7
395    Rasetsu's Flower Completed Vol.9
401    Conan Movie: Full Score Of Fear Ongoing Vol.2
409    Defense Devil Ongoing Vol.10
425    Dangan Ronpa Ongoing Vol.0
427    Hell Girl Ongoing Vol.9
433    Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal Ongoing Vol.9
438    Deaths Notice Ongoing Vol.10
439    Pluto Completed Vol.8
447    Buried Cases Diablo Ongoing Vol.3
469    Detektif Conan Movie: Captured In Her Eyes Completed Vol.2
473    Ajin-Demi Human Ongoing Vol.8
489    Kindaichi Spec Case - Black Magic Murder Completed Vol.1
496    Kindaichi Snow Spirit Murder Completed Vol.2
511    Illusionary Boy Ongoing Vol.6
513    World Embryo Ongoing Vol.11
516    Light Novel Ongoing Vol.4
525    Durarara Ongoing Vol.4
529    No. 6 Ongoing Vol.9
532    Kyoko Karasumas Case Files Ongoing Vol.10
541    Crime Edge Ongoing Vol.9
547    Detektif Conan Movie: Crossroad Of The Ancient Capital Completed Vol.2
557    Kings Viking Ongoing Vol.5
559    Kindaichi Spec Case - Phantom of Opera Completed Vol.2
564    Devil Survivor Ongoing Vol.5
566    Detektif Conan Spesial Ongoing Vol.40
568    Neon Genesis Evangelion Completed Vol.13
578    Prizona6 Ongoing Vol.4
582    The Black Swindler Completed Vol.20
587    D's Devil King Ongoing Vol.3