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Rank    Series Status Latest
81    07 Ghosts Ongoing Vol.17
100    The Dog Club Ongoing Vol.3
100    Summer Snow Rendezvous Ongoing Vol.4
100    Urara Ongoing Vol.4
100    Pancake Love Ongoing Vol.3
100    The Place Between O and K Completed Vol.0
100    1F Love Room Completed Vol.0
100    Dream Collector Ongoing Vol.2
100    Tooko And The Flower Garden Completed Vol.0
100    Karneval Ongoing Vol.6
100    Chocolate Girl Ongoing Vol.0
100    Extra Girl Ongoing Vol.4
100    Witch In The Attic Completed Vol.0
100    You And Delicious Omelette Completed Vol.0
100    Chocolate Girl Extra Completed Vol.0
100    Angel Trumpet Ongoing Vol.8
100    Summer Time In Eden Ongoing Vol.6
100    Marmalade Boy Little Ongoing Vol.2
100    Dorm Life Completed Vol.0
100    A Presto - See You Soon Ongoing Vol.3
100    Ballad Ongoing Vol.2
100    Spring Romance Completed Vol.0
100    Spring Romance Completed Vol.0
151    Pet Shop of Horrors Ongoing Vol.10
152    Ice Forest Ongoing Vol.12
213    7 Seed Ongoing Vol.25
251    Dazzle Ongoing Vol.11
264    Geisha Ongoing Vol.4
279    War Of Roses Ongoing Vol.15
311    Happy Marriage!? Ongoing Vol.10
397    Give Me Your Love Completed Vol.4
418    Miso-Com Ongoing Vol.14
455    Syobo Nyan Ongoing Vol.3
466    Apollon on the Slope Ongoing Vol.9
476    Love Blog! Ongoing Vol.4
478    Princess Of Time Ongoing Vol.2
511    You Are My Love Story Completed Vol.0
551    Police Girl Maruka Ongoing Vol.4
582    Game of Love Completed Vol.0
590    Q.B Karin Ongoing Vol.4