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Rank    Series Status Latest
6    Attack On Titan Ongoing Vol.18
34    I Am A Hero Ongoing Vol.18
38    Soul Eater Ongoing Vol.25
51    Highschool Of The Dead Ongoing Vol.7
64    Demonic Detective Neuro Ongoing Vol.23
66    Cage Of Eden Ongoing Vol.17
84    The Future Diary Ongoing Vol.12
85    Pandora Hearts Ongoing Vol.24
100    The House of Nightmares ~Ghosthunt~ Ongoing Vol.2
100    Dream Collector Ongoing Vol.2
100    Black Bullet Ongoing Vol.4
100    Kasane Ongoing Vol.6
100    Shiranuis Horror Stories Completed Vol.0
100    Evil Eater Ongoing Vol.3
100    Secret Ongoing Vol.0
100    Chocolate Magic Love Flake Completed Vol.0
100    Ajin-Demi Human Ongoing Vol.8
100    Urban Legend Jr Completed Vol.0
100    Tokyo Ghoul Ongoing Vol.0
100    Chocolate Magic Premium Collection Completed Vol.0
102    Alice in Borderland Ongoing Vol.18
104    Judge Ongoing Vol.6
114    Psychic Detective Yakumo : Alternate Story Ongoing Vol.12
124    Kamunagara Ongoing Vol.10
125    Nube Ongoing Vol.31
151    Pet Shop of Horrors Ongoing Vol.10
164    The Arms Peddler Ongoing Vol.7
187    Fortress Of Apocalypse Ongoing Vol.10
202    Dark Edge Ongoing Vol.15
213    7 Seed Ongoing Vol.25
218    Drug-On Completed Vol.5
268    Hell Girl Ongoing Vol.9
297    Qwan Ongoing Vol.7
314    Tokyo Ghoul Ongoing Vol.3
317    Undead Ongoing Vol.4
353    The New Hell Girl Completed Vol.3
369    X Zone Completed Vol.4
393    World Embryo Ongoing Vol.11
410    Princess Resurrection Ongoing Vol.17
501    Psychic Detective Yakumo Completed Vol.2