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Rank    Series Status Latest
162    Kariage Kun (Terbit Ulang) Ongoing Vol.35
164    High School Debut Ongoing Vol.13
166    Faster Than A Kiss Ongoing Vol.12
167    Kindaichi R Ongoing Vol.7
168    Nube Ongoing Vol.31
176    Rosario Vampire Ongoing Vol.10
180    Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Ongoing Vol.28
181    Magister Negi Magi Ongoing Vol.38
183    Karate Master Minoru Ongoing Vol.20
194    Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush Ongoing Vol.15
195    Hells Kitchen Ongoing Vol.12
196    Demon Sacred Ongoing Vol.11
197    Yamada & The 7 Witches Ongoing Vol.15
198    Sushi Chef Tsukasa Ongoing Vol.10
199    Crayon Shinchan Ongoing Vol.50
202    Ceres Completed Vol.14
203    RRR Completed Vol.10
204    Dawn of The Arcana Ongoing Vol.13
207    Komikus Shojo Nozaki Ongoing Vol.8
210    Demon King Ongoing Vol.53
211    Love & Collage Completed Vol.12
213    Sadistic Prince Completed Vol.0
214    Love So Life Ongoing Vol.15
215    Perfect Girl Evolution Ongoing Vol.35
217    Popcorn (Deluxe) Ongoing Vol.12
218    Alice Academy Ongoing Vol.31
220    Ultimate Teacher Ongoing Vol.10
221    Yong Bi The Invincible Ongoing Vol.20
224    Haikyu! Fly High! Volleyball Ongoing Vol.5
226    Hari Ini & Besok Juga Ongoing Vol.11
229    Nakayoshi Ongoing Vol.12
233    Pet Shop of Horrors Ongoing Vol.10
238    School Babysitters Ongoing Vol.10
244    More A Flower Than A Flower Ongoing Vol.13
245    Otoboke Section Chief Ongoing Vol.26
246    La Corda D'Oro Ongoing Vol.17
249    Blood Alone Ongoing Vol.8
253    Yotsuba &! (Terbit Ulang) Ongoing Vol.13
254    Cute Children Ongoing Vol.29
255    Topeng Kaca - Bersatunya Dua Jiwa Ongoing Vol.3