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Rank    Series Status Latest
1    Naruto Ongoing Vol.72
2    One Piece Ongoing Vol.80
4    Black Butler Ongoing Vol.24
6    Attack On Titan Ongoing Vol.18
7    Fairy Tail Ongoing Vol.44
8    Bleach Ongoing Vol.64
9    Sword Art Online Completed Vol.0
11    Beelzebub Ongoing Vol.28
12    Hunter X Hunter Ongoing Vol.31
16    Kekkaishi Ongoing Vol.35
22    Kuroko's Basketball Ongoing Vol.16
23    Kung Fu Boy Legend Ongoing Vol.20
25    Airgear Completed Vol.37
26    Magi Ongoing Vol.27
29    Shonen Star Ongoing Vol.24
31    Saint Seiya Lost Canvas Ongoing Vol.25
32    Fight Ippo Ongoing Vol.107
33    Hitman Reborn Ongoing Vol.17
36    Nura: Rise Of The Yokai Clan Ongoing Vol.15
37    Kung Fu Boy (Premium) Ongoing Vol.18
38    Soul Eater Ongoing Vol.25
41    D.Gray-Man Ongoing Vol.14
42    Kenji Premium Ongoing Vol.12
43    Deadman Wonderland Ongoing Vol.13
46    Code Breaker Ongoing Vol.26
49    Crows Completed Vol.26
51    Highschool Of The Dead Ongoing Vol.7
53    Ghost Doctor Ongoing Vol.15
57    Long Hu Men - The Vengeance Continues Ongoing Vol.25
61    Ouroboros Ongoing Vol.19
62    Silver Spoon Ongoing Vol.13
63    The Breaker Completed Vol.10
64    Demonic Detective Neuro Ongoing Vol.23
65    Saint Seiya Episode G Ongoing Vol.20
66    Cage Of Eden Ongoing Vol.17
68    Gamaran Ongoing Vol.22
69    GTO The Early Years Ongoing Vol.15
71    New Legenda Naga Ongoing Vol.14
74    Vampire Knight Ongoing Vol.19
76    Bloody Monday Season 2 Ongoing Vol.8